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Divine claymore dark souls remastered

With the vast selection of weapons in Dark Souls, it can be a little daunting to figure out where you should invest your titanite and soul stockpile.

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Because each weapon scales based off of a certain stat like strength or dexteritywhere you have spent your stat points will be a big decider on what weapons will be the most effective for you. Also, a quick note: before you invest your stat points by leveling up, its a good idea to have a plan for your character, rather than spreading your levels around every stat. A good starting point for any character is to level your strength to 16, and your dexterity to 14, then add a few points to vitality.

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This is a very versatile start and will allow you to use a good selection of weapons until you decide exactly how to proceed. The builds below will provide a quick recommendation on where to place stats to start, and the stats will be listed in order of importance.

Note that the stats are not necessarily listed as end-game—rather this is a minimum you should aim for in a standard playthrough. Also, do NOT waste stats on Resistance! The weapon rankings are based off of many factors. The required stats to use the item have to be stats that you would normally have in the listed build. For builds based of maximizing Strength.

This is not a common build, and will be generally less effective in Player vs Player duels. The benefit is using the impressive super-heavy weapons, and shields with incredible stability that can easily block any attacks indefinitely.

Playing single player your goal will be blocking attacks, then counterattacking with your heavy weapons. For builds based on maximizing your Vitality and Endurance for super survivability, then relying on lightning, fire, or chaos ascended weapons to increase damage rather than relying on stat based scaling on weapons for damage. For builds based on maximizing Dexterity. This can often involve high backstab critical damage, but is not necessary.

Note that Dexterity also slightly increases your spell cast speed, so consider using pyromancy spells as an alternative. For builds based on sorcery and the intelligence stat. Of course you also get to benefit from using sorcery spells. Use these extremely handy weapon damage spreadsheets to compare Divine vs Occult and you will see that Divine weapons are the better choice: Occult Weapon Damage Spreadsheet or Divine Weapon Damage Spreadsheet. Most players consider it extremely cheap.

If you have any corrections, additions, or comments about any of the builds or choices let me know! Tags: armor best build damage dark souls movesets powerful pve pvp ranking strategy top weapons.Alassra Joined: Wed Sep 04, am.

Alassra 2. First post on here. Praise the sun! I have a couple of questions regarding my weapons of choice for my faith build character. I have faith at 50 at the moment, and my damage rating is My stats: vit 22 att 19 end 30 str 16 dex 14 res 11 int 11 fth 50 So, my question is: Is it worth spending the remaining 21 points I need to be able to wield the Greatsword of Artorias str 24, dex 18, int 20or am I better off sticking with my claymore and just spending those points on faith and endurance instead?

I kind of want to make use of the greatsword, since I upgraded it and all, and I've never really used a boss weapon before, so the novelty of it would be nice. But my main concern is of course if it will do more damage than my claymore.

What fun weapons would you recommend that scale on dex or possibly dex and humanity? Thank you in advance. Although that is not the upgraded sword Sneezer Obsessed. Put ten more points into endurance, no more points at all into faith under any circumstances, as the cap is essentially You're better off with the Claymore; better moveset, lighter, and much less stat investment.

Divine Claymore

Make sure to get your vit up to at least 40 if you can. Like your divine claymore, the GSoA also does split damage, so any slight AR difference is negligible anyway. Sneezer wrote: Put ten more points into endurance, no more points at all into faith under any circumstances, as the cap is essentially Thank you! Great advice!

I noticed that my claymore doesn't increase in damage anymore from faith, like you said.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

divine claymore dark souls remastered

Hello, definate noob here. Wont like that the game is bonesgrindingly frustrating at times but in a good way. Just finished off the Gaping Dragon and am about to descend to lovely, lovely Blight Town. My question is can you all recommend a good upgrade path for weapons?

Gave Andre the Divine and Large embers and he can forge me Divine and Raw weapons even though I've read people advising against the latter. It's just that I find it a bit confusing at times and I just want some gear that can help for almost any situation. I read Gwyn dosent like Occult weapons Lighting is really good against PvP even though I am not planning on doing any if at all That the Zweihander can pretty much become invinsible And that Divine weapons stop skellitons from putting themselves together No clue about a good weapon for ghosts though So my point being can you guys recommend a good upgrade path with high damage and good farming methods for resources?

Twinkling titatine is kinda hard to come by unfortunately Any feedback appreciated Cheers! Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. Standard Upgrade path. Black Knight Weapons are pretty strong.

Drake Sword and Gargoyle Halberd are trash, don't use them. Titanite Shards can be farmed from Undead Burg enemies. Twinkling Titanite can be farmed from Clams best place to farm them is in a late game area though.

Last edited by Walrus-Sama ; 15 Jul, pm. Originally posted by Cadmar :. Originally posted by Nick Wilde :. Blitz4 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Walrus-Sama :. Nobby View Profile View Posts. Will be smaller than the scaling bonus you get. BK weapons are still very decent So if you need twinkling titanite there is an area called The Great Hollow where you can find 10 crystal lizards giving you all the twinkling titanite you need.

divine claymore dark souls remastered

The drake sword is OK up until the point you're basically at right now. It's good in the beginning because of its high damage but by now you can get higher upgrades with regular weapons that have better scaling. Originally posted by Blitz4 :.

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Originally posted by Nobby :. Last edited by Blitz4 ; 16 Jul, am. But there's an awesome calculator that may help. Per page: 15 30 Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. This larger type of greatsword is normally wielded with two hands due to its weight. Tabella panoramica di tutti i potenziamenti ai livelli base fino alla soglia massima. Fare clic sulle schede per visualizzare i singoli percorsi di potenziamento in dettaglio. Utilizza questa tabella per confrontare rapidamente le prestazioni.

Il rinforzo Normale viene eseguito da Andre di Astora nella Chiesa dei non morti. Per raggiungere il massimo, hai bisogno di: 6. Per raggiungere il massimo, hai bisogno di: 2. L'evoluzione a Fulmine rimuove ogni Scaling bonus caratteristiche ma aggiunge danno da Fulmine. L'evoluzione a Grezzo incrementa l'attacco base ma riduce le caratteristiche bonus Scaling. Per raggiungere il massimo, hai bisogno di: 4.

Il rinforzo Divino viene eseguito da Andre di Astora nella Chiesa dei non morti.

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L'evoluzione a Divino aggiunge danno Magico e lo scaling su Fede. L'evoluzione ad Occulto riduce l'attacco base ma incrementa lo Scaling su Fede. Per raggiungere il massimo, hai bisogno di: anime, 7 Pezzi di titanite bianca e 1 Lastra di titanite bianca. Il rinforzo Fuoco viene eseguito dal Fabbro Vamos nelle Catacombe.

L'evoluzione a Fuoco rimuove ogni Scaling bonus caratteristiche ma aggiunge danno da Fuoco. Per raggiungere il massimo, sono necessari: 4. Per raggiungere il massimo, sono necessari: anime, 7 Pezzi di titanite rossi e 1 Lastra di titanite rossa.

Dark Souls Remastered: Claymore Is Wife. Claymore Is Life

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Divine (upgrade path)

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Good Idea or not? I went down to the catacombs and killed Pinwheel. I picked up a green titanite shard in the sewers and can't decide which weapon to modify. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments.

Originally posted by TrueArchery :. Last edited by binom ; 24 Nov, pm. What is your faith stat? And stats in general, actually. Also if you already killed the necromancers the skeletons will stop reviving. Personally I'd say that Claymore is too good for quality builds to make into a Divine weapon. If you're using a Black Knight Sword the Claymore will eventually outpace it in pretty much every single way.

Last edited by MaenaZ ; 24 Nov, pm. Originally posted by MaenaZ :. You don't have the stats to genuinely support any good divine weapon at this point, so pretty much anything with decent damage will do. If you can stomach axe moveset and cut off the tail from Gargoyles I actually recommend the Gargoyle Tail Axe or Halberd, since they boost your bleed resist and poison resist which are helpful in the Catacombs.

You can also use the Claymore as long as you realize eventually it'll be better to put it back on the normal path, making the Green Titanites wasted they're not so expensive in the long term, though Later in the game I'd have a bunch of other recommendations, particularly if you reach at least 16 faith there are some good things you can do with midlow faith if you know what you're doing.

Originally posted by In Memory of Jeigh :. I'll go with the long sword. There are tons of them in my box anyway. Yay, to save frustration upgrade your long range weapon as well Black Knight sword is stronger ,but not buffable, Andre can change things, then, who is to say you won't obtain another Claymore or Black Knight sword later in the game Originally posted by theseeker60 :. Originally posted by binom :. Reinforced club. Cheap, don't need to deviate too much from your path to get it.

Blunt dmg is best vs skellies. I usualy just use devine for Nito, and that is usualy good enough for the pesky skeletons. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 24 Nov, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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divine claymore dark souls remastered

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.You can only get so far with the base weapons found in Dark Souls: Remastered. After a while, you're going to need to ascend your normal, fire, divine, and magical weapons to take on tougher enemies and harder bosses. As you near the end-game -- or if you're playing PvP -- it's even more important to max out your weapons. You can do so by finding the game's 10 hidden embers.

Each can be taken to a specific blacksmith so that they can ascend your weapons into more powerful versions of themselves. In this guide, I'll show you where to find each ember, which blacksmith you have to take it to in order to use it, and which weapons it modifies to which levels. Some are easier to find than others, and some require that you perform certain actions to unlock their locations. How to Get It: You can find this ember after you enter the kitchen in the Depths.

Defeat the butcher here and look in the chest behind his original location. How to Get It: After you drain the water from New Londo Ruins, you'll find this ember in a previously inaccessible area. However, I would suggest starting at the Valley of Drakes to get to it since that's the easier path. In the Valley, go to the entrance of New Londo Ruins and follow the path up and to the right.

Go past the Dark Wraiths in the hall, through the open area and to the right past two more Dark Wraithsand follow the path up two more staircases. Continue following the path around and turn left when it eventually splits. The ember will be in a chest sitting on a precipice. From that bonfire, go inside and take a right.

Go through the room with the lever on the left side. As you enter the next room full of bookcases, turn right and go through the opening in the bookcases. The ember will be in a large chest. As you approach, go left and then turn left to look at the path below. Perform a plunging attack on the enemy below and follow the path.

There are several very strong enemies here, but at the end of the path, you'll find a chest with the ember inside. Go down into the now-open lava bed. There will be a chest there. Open it to nab this ascension tool.Tegu Casual. Tegu I plan on maxing everything eventually, but which one will give me more damage?

Bcc17 Obsessed. Bcc17 Also, how come the added damage from the divine totals to more thanwhile you only do around with each attack. Divine Weapons have split damage, and some enemies might only take the damage from physical or magic on the weapon. Last edited by Anonymous on Sat Sep 08, am, edited 1 time in total. Also, how come the added damage from the divine totals to more thanwhile you only do around with each attack You have to go past Anor Londo and descend through the Great Hollow.

Once you enter from that side you find it just before you meet the pygmy. It's not that long though you should be cool without a walkthrough.

Dark Souls: Remastered - Ember Locations Guide

It's not that long though you should be cool without a walkthrough How do I even get into the great hallow? EDIT: Also, to get to the Great Hollow if you want the Cloranthy Ring and the secrets therein, you can access it through Blighttown swamp, left side inside the giant tree surrounded by leeches.

Whalecum to the forums! Last edited by Anonymous on Sat Sep 08, am, edited 2 times in total. Haha, i'm sorry bro. We've been messing with you and it got a lil far But yeh forget everything we said!! It depends on your build really. If you're going to go with faith then you have two options; You can either go down the divine weapon path and you will get a attack rating increase for whichever weapon you make divine, and it will do higher damage depending on your faith stat.

Whalecum to the forums. Thank you for the reply. I'm new to this game and I'm just here for mainly pve and co-op. Spurgun Chosen Undead. Spurgun You should post your build first, then we can help you.

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